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What is a gas turbine?
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A turbo train in a computer

As explained in this site, there are some outstanding features in gas turbines but there are also many difficulties to apply them to vehicles. In the past, the mass-produced turbine vehicle is M1 Abrams but currently not produced. Y2K turbine bike is commercially sold, but in very small quantity. In the railroad, Russian 8300 KW LNG burning gas turbine locomotive is experimentally used and may be mass-produced in the future. To evaluate the performance of turbine powered trains, I'm going to try computer simulations.

Fortunately, a free train performance simulation software ideal for this amusement appeared in 2013. This software is named "notchman mini" and has functions to design imaginary trains and routes by specifying parameters and you can get their operation time, running curves, performance curves and energy consumption.
Notch man mini is a limited function version of "Super notch man", the train performance simulator for experts.
This software requires the user registration to get the user id and password, but free and no ads.