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What is a gas turbine?
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gas turbine news


2019/10/4 MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION unveils the concept electric SUV with turbine range extender at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019

2018/7/11 The ultrahigh-temperature tensile creep behaviour of a TiC-reinforced Mo-Si-B-based alloy was investigated in the temperature range of 1400-1600 C at constant true stress by Tohoku university.

2018/2/20 Russia plans to increase gas turbine locomotives and LNG facilities for these locomotives..

2018/1/11 Bell unveiled the turbine-electric helicopter concept and plans to switch to battery power in future, when battery technology has advanced.

2017/9/19 Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe unveil Range+ charger for EVs, a 31% overall efficiency, and will generate 30kWe.

2017 5 4 Indian Railways is planning LNG fueled  8000kw turbine powered locomotives.

2016 8 24 Honeywell , Pratt & Whitney wins US helicopters design contract.

2013 9 Russian Sinara group unveiled a new turbine powered LNG locomotive